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Vitech meets the stringent requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 and is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, competency organization.


1. Hardness Tester HRB, HRC, HV

Hardness is a basic property of materials; the term hardness reflects the resistance to bending, abrasion and scratching of materials. Hardness of the material is the ability to resist the subsidence of the surface where we press. The harder the material is to settle, the higher the hardness. There are many methods of determining hardness such as Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, etc


2. Durometer

Durometer is a tool for checking plastic and rubber. According to ASTM D2240 this method for testing rubber hardness. This method includes 12 types of rubber hardness measurement: Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type DO, Type M, Type O, Type OO, Type OOO, Type OOO-S, Type CF

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