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Vitech meets the stringent requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 and is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, competency organization.


1. DC power supply

DC power supply’s voltage is 0 ~ 60V, normally, and current is 0 ~ 20A. These types of power supplies are often found in warranty centers, research centers, electronic repair shop, practice centers, etc.


2. Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter is a multi-functional electrical measuring instrument for measuring electrical or electronic circuits.
Previous multimeters had three basic functions: ammeter, voltmeter, and ammeter, so called AVO-meter. Then around the 1970s onwards began to have watches that have more testing functions such as transistor test (transistor, diode), capacitance measurement capacitor C, frequency measurement, signal f,. ..


3. Insulation tester

Insulation tester is a device to check whether the power source is safe or not. It is useful and widely used in the electricity industry or manufacturing, construction, ...
Specifically, resistance meters are used for specialized electrical testing, through measurement and resistance testing on the reliability of current stability.
In addition, resistance meters are also used to check whether the safety of an insulating material or device is safe or not.


4. Resistance Standard

Resistor is a passive electronic component consisting of 2 contact points, often used to limit the flow of electricity in the circuit, adjust the signal level, used to divide the voltage, activate the components, active electronics such as transistors, endpoints in power lines and in many other applications. Standard resistance for checking resistance meters to see if the instrument is still correct by comparison method


5. Clamp meter

Clamp clamp meter is modern electrical equipment, digital applications, capable of measuring most electrical parameters, giving accurate results quickly. It is specialized measure current with a wide measuring range of 100mA to 2000A. Some clamp meter models are integrated with many features such as a multimeter that is measuring: voltage, resistance, frequency ... The name of this power meter is set in units of amperage amperes.


6. AC/DC Withstanding Voltage

The machine is used to test the products' AC and DC high voltage resistance, check the insulation resistance. It provides solutions for testing against safety standards such as IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB, JIS and other safety regulations.


7. Oscilloscope

Oscilloscope is an important high-tech electronic device, widely used in many fields such as daily life, education, electronics and telecommunications, and medicine, etc. Technicians know the signal changes over time. The oscilloscope is capable of recognizing various types of signals such as square, serrated, sinusoidal signals, or can reach difficult signals such as image and sound signals.


8. LCR meter

LCR meter is specialized product lines to check the parameters of components such as: inductance (L), resistor (R), inductance (C). LCR models are often used in factories and laboratories, most of them for checking and repairing electronic components.

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