VITECH Calibration Joint Stock Company

Over the last decades, the modern Science - Technology revolution has impacted greatly on the socio-economic development of the world.
As a developing country, in recent years, Vietnam government has invested heavily in science and technology - a young but promising market.

Vietnam has become an attractive place for investing of many global high-tech corporations, such as Samsung, Panasonics, LG, Canon, Foxconn, …
Besides that, many nation large corporations also focus on research and development of Science and technology. Including Vinsmart, Viettel, Bach Khoa, VNPT, etc.

In order to receive long-term investment and sustainable development, domestic auxiliary products and services must be advanced to meet the more diverse and stringent requirements of both quality and quantity.
In this context, VITECH Calibration Joint Stock Company was established in early 2018, by a minded management team; more experience, well-trained, highly specialized team.

We focus on building and developing the field of Testing and Measurement (T&M). To provide customers a total solution: Sell - Rent - Repair - Calibrate.

Vitech Jsc. always works seriously, focuses on investing financial, human and physical resources to bring the best products and services to customers.

Providing a great total T&M solution to customers, adhere to commitment: “Make it right, from beginning:”.

Become a company specializing in Science and Technology on the top in Vietnam

  • Professional
  • Unique culture
  • Value people
  • Customers focus
  • Sprit of adventure

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