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Vitech’s laborary

For equipment that requires high accuracy, rigorous calibration environment or standard equipment that cannot be moved, we provide specialized transportation facilities to bring your equipment to Vitech’s laborary. After calibrating, they will be back to customers.

Vitech’s laborary

Vitech’s laborary features

Controlling environmental conditions, thereby ensuring the calibration and measurement get the highest accuracy, always

Technicians were professionally trained in the fields of chemistry, dimension, mechanics, mass, electricity, electronics, RF ...

Quick turnaround calibration process with full staff from business to service.

Be able to your destination to pick – up and delivery your equipment

Technical support for ISO, MIL and database settings.

Vitech’s laborary

We are offering

10 technicians are working for calibration and quality control.

Calibration procedure is rotated quickly.

Quick service, within 03 days

Pick-up and Delivery equipment at local and global

Monthly notification to customers when the device is calibrated.

Encode equipment and data base, equipment management.

Device management system.


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