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Thermodynamic Calibration

Vitech meets the stringent requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 and is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, competency organization.

Thermodynamic Calibration

1. Hydrolysis Chamber

Hydrolysis Chamber are used to create a realistic environment for testing different products, applied in many areas of footwear, healthcare, apparel ... The machine can turn off the humidity and operation mode. act as an oven

Thermodynamic Calibration

2. Oven

Oven used to create a real environment to test different products, is applied in many areas of footwear, health care, garment ... Oven has no function of humidifying.

Thermodynamic Calibration

3. Temperature Data logger

The Temperature Data logger allows you to go anywhere without having to worry about monitoring data. Data will be saved in the device or via memory card. Just connect to your PC and you can export data easily.

Thermodynamic Calibration

4. Hygro Thermometer

Hygro Thermometer use to measure the temperature and humidity in the air, widely used in the world. Can be used in offices, laboratories or factories ... The machine has many types from electronics to mechanical machines, automatically saving data or not saving data.

Thermodynamic Calibration

5. Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometer is a thermometer to measure the temperature from the emitted radiation of an object. Also known as laser thermometer or non-contact thermometer or heat gun. That name is used to describe devices that can measure temperatures remotely.

Thermodynamic Calibration

6. Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer used for measuring temperature. Thermometer has different probes, depending on the purpose of use, we choose the appropriate probe. There are many types of probes such as: thermocouples, thermistors in addition to bimetallic thermometers (without batteries)

Thermodynamic Calibration

6. Glass Thermometer

Glass Thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature. A thermometer has two important components: the temperature sensing part (For example, the bulb of mercury or alcohol in the thermometer) and the result display (Example: the scale on the thermometer). Low cost, easy-to-use glass thermometers are widely used in schools, hospitals, society...

Thermodynamic Calibration

7. Water bath

Water bath are used in many fields. It can make cool water in the tank or boiling water in the tank up to nearly 100oC. Used to check the products, make sure to control the temperature and on time.

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